Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How I Earn Money Online With Clixsense ?

Hello Friends, In this blog I will show you my money making strategy at clixsense. I am earning money online from a few months at clixsense with a good strategy, which could work for anyone. 

Before going into the complete strategy, let me tell you a few facts  about this website.

What Is Clixsense ?

You may already know , but clixsense is a earn money online site that pays it's users for doing simple tasks, completing paid offers, clicking the paid advertisements, and referring people. Believe me, it's not a site like other PTC sites. At clixsense , you can earn huge money if you show a little patience at the start.
Ok, you have to earn your first $8 toget your money via paypal, and the good thing is you don't need to pay any charges to paypal to get your clixsense earnings, 

How It Works ?

They take money from the advertisers for displaying their ads to users(us), and also shares a percentage of earnings with us. The only thing we needed to earn money is to view their ads for a given time . Apart from clicking the adverts, we can also earn good money from their tasks and offers.

How To Earn More Money ?

Click Ads Daily :

Clixsense will give you upto 40 advertisements to view in a day, so by doing that we can make upto $0.10/day. Don't get down, the main strategy to earn money is given below.

Do Tasks And Offers :

I have seen lots of people around the world are earning more than $100 every month at this site only by doing tasks and completing their premium offers. SO why not you can earn ?

One of my friend from US is daily making around $10 for completing the offers. He never click the ads, and he occasionally do tasks a little. He is also one of my referral , and so luckily I am making or receiving 10% commissions from that guy.

My Strategy To Earn Money LIke A Business Man :

Strategy Number 1 :

This strategy is only for US and for a few other countries. OK, I don't know about the countries , so you must try it yourself.

It's not a big secret, daily open the clixsense tasks and offers, then make money completing each. At the start you may feel confusion , but believe me, you can earn good money after a few days of practice.

Strategy Number 2 :  

In this strategy , anyone from any region of the world can earn mass money from the clixsense program. To get easy success with this strategy, you must upgrade to premium membership by paying only $17 each year. If you don't have money to invest here, try to earn that money with the standard (or free) membership, then upgrade with that.

In this strategic plan, you must refer new people and get 10% commissions of their earnings for the life time. If you continue with the standard membership, you may get only 5% commissions.

Anyway, you can get referrals at social networks, forums , blogs and anywhere in the Internet. With this crazy strategy, I am earning around $50 every month.

This is How I earn money on the Internet with the clixsense program.